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Austin C. Schlick

Austin C. Schlick
Clerked during Supreme Court term: 1991
Previous clerkship: Judge Abner Mikva, United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit
Notable later roles:
  • Director of Communications Law, Google
  • General Counsel, Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Alma mater: Yale Law School

Justice O'Connor wrote 37 opinions during Austin C. Schlick's clerkship:

Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pa. v. CaseyPrivacyJun 29, 1992Plurality
Franklin v. MassachusettsJudicial PowerJun 26, 1992Majority
International Soc. for Krishna Consciousness Inc. v. LeeFirst AmendmentJun 26, 1992Concurrence
Lee v. International Soc. for Krishna Consciousness IncFirst AmendmentJun 26, 1992Per curiam
United States v. FordiceCivil RightsJun 26, 1992Concurrence
Doggett v. United StatesCriminal ProcedureJun 24, 1992Dissent
Burlington v. DagueAttorneysJun 24, 1992Dissent
Medina v. CaliforniaDue ProcessJun 22, 1992Concurrence
Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue v. William Wrigley Jr. CoEconomic ActivityJun 19, 1992Concurrence
New York v. United StatesFederalismJun 19, 1992Majority
Wright v. WestCriminal ProcedureJun 19, 1992Concurrence
Gade v. National Solid Wastes Management AssnEconomic ActivityJun 18, 1992Majority
Georgia v. McCollumCivil RightsJun 18, 1992Dissent
Allied-Signal Inc. v. Director Div. of TaxationEconomic ActivityJun 14, 1992Dissent
FTC v. Ticor Title Ins. CoEconomic ActivityJun 12, 1992Dissent
Sochor v. FloridaCriminal ProcedureJun 8, 1992Concurrence
Evans v. United StatesEconomic ActivityMay 26, 1992Concurrence
United States v. BurkeFederal TaxationMay 26, 1992Dissent
Wyatt v. ColeCivil RightsMay 18, 1992Majority
Riggins v. NevadaCriminal ProcedureMay 18, 1992Majority
Foucha v. LouisianaDue ProcessMay 18, 1992Concurrence
Denton v. HernandezCivil RightsMay 4, 1992Majority
Keeney v. Tamayo-ReyesCriminal ProcedureMay 4, 1992Dissent
Jacobson v. United StatesCriminal ProcedureApr 6, 1992Dissent
Yee v. EscondidoDue ProcessApr 1, 1992Majority
Holmes v. Securities Investor Protection CorporationJudicial PowerMar 24, 1992Concurrence
United States v. R. L. CCivil RightsMar 24, 1992Dissent
Williams v. United StatesCriminal ProcedureMar 9, 1992Majority
General Motors Corp. v. RomeinEconomic ActivityMar 9, 1992Majority
Connecticut Nat. Bank v. GermainJudicial PowerMar 9, 1992Concurrence
Hudson v. McMillianCriminal ProcedureFeb 25, 1992Majority
Smith v. BarryJudicial PowerJan 14, 1992Majority
Hilton v. South Carolina Public Railways Comm'nEconomic ActivityDec 16, 1991Dissent
Ardestani v. INSAttorneysDec 10, 1991Majority
Simon & Schuster Inc. v. Members of N. Y. State Crime Victims BdFirst AmendmentDec 10, 1991Majority
Estelle v. McGuireCriminal ProcedureDec 4, 1991Partial concurrence, partial dissent
Hafer v. MeloCivil RightsNov 5, 1991Majority