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Day family photo, Easter 1940Day family photo, Easter 1940
March 24, 1940 | Photograph
From right to left: Sandra Day, her sister Ann Day, mother Ada Mae Wilkey Day, and brother Alan Day.

Photos as Stanford studentPhotos as Stanford student
June 1, 1950 | Photograph
Date is approximate

Wedding photoWedding photo
December 20, 1952 | Photograph
Newlyweds Sandra Day O'Connor and John O'Connor at their wedding on the Lazy B Ranch, Greenlee County, Arizona.

Wedding photo with groupWedding photo with group
December 20, 1952 | Photograph

O'Connor House original site planO'Connor House original site plan
January 21, 1958 | Historic document
Original site plan of O'Connor House

Photo of O'Connor HousePhoto of O'Connor House
June 1, 1958 | Photograph
Photo of O'Connor House at its original location, 3651 E Denton Ln, Paradise Valley, AZ. With handwritten note by Justice O'Connor: "Carport at 3651 E. Denton Ln. My old green chevrolet. John's VW bug - we bought it in Berlin 1957." Date is approxim...

Senator O'Connor in meetingSenator O'Connor in meeting
January 1, 1970 | Photograph
Date is approximate

Reagan appoints woman to nation's highest courtReagan appoints woman to nation's highest court
July 8, 1981 | Newspaper clipping

...while Sandy fixes coffee...while Sandy fixes coffee
July 8, 1981 | Political cartoon
Top panel: Eight justices say to Sandra Day O'Connor, who looks eager, "Before we begin, I'd like to welcome our newest member: Justice Sandra O'Connor!" Bottom panel: The same justices say to a now annoyed-looking O'Connor, "Now, gentlemen, let's go...

July 9, 1981 | Political cartoon
The Supreme Court is shown on a tree branch, with a rope ladder hanging down from it. A wooden sign with "Boys Only" painted on it is shown in a trash can.

Good Horse SenseGood Horse Sense
July 11, 1981 | Newspaper clipping
Caption: "Sandra O'Connor, the Arizona judge nominated by President Reagan to the U.S. Supreme Court, had a rough-and-tumble childhood on a ranch in southeastern Arizona and New Mexico. Her youth was not all play and no study: As far back as the fift...

Lewd and Unredeeming MoviesLewd and Unredeeming Movies
July 11, 1981 | Political cartoon
A male judge at a legal bench labeled "Supreme Court" leans over to talk to a woman judge, who looks surprised. Caption: "Psst...want to review some lewd and socially unredeeming movies together..?"

Deadline for independence - SchlaflyDeadline for independence - Schlafly
July 11, 1981 | Political cartoon
A group of 5 men wearing 18th-century attire and wigs is gathered around. One holds a scroll labeled "Declaration of..." One of the men is holding a letter and says, "It's from Phyllis Schlafly. She says our one year deadline for Independence is almo...

We'll get her a vacuum cleanerWe'll get her a vacuum cleaner
July 11, 1981 | Political cartoon
In front of the Supreme Court, two talk bubbles: "-Frankly, I can hardly wait for Mrs. O'Connor to get here. Everybody knows how this Court feels about women." "-Right! We'll get her a cute little kitchen and a brand new vacuum cleaner!"

American GothicAmerican Gothic
July 14, 1981 | Political cartoon
A man and woman are shown in the style of the "American Gothic" painting. The woman is meant to be Sandra Day O'Connor, the man Jerry Falwell. A sign in the back says, "The Jerry Falwell Church of the Moral Pejorative - A Tax-Free Organization." Capt...

Baby with O'Connor pinBaby with O'Connor pin
July 14, 1981 | Political cartoon
A baby in a womb is shown wearing an "O'Connor" pin and giving a thumbs up sign.

Judge O'Connor in WashingtonJudge O'Connor in Washington
July 14, 1981 | Newspaper clipping

Justice on the MoveJustice on the Move
July 14, 1981 | Newspaper clipping
Caption: "JUSTICE ON THE MOVE - Judge Sandra O'Connor, President Reagan's nominee for the Supreme Court, arrived in Washington Monday. She is scheduled to meet Tuesday in strategy sessions with Attorney General William French Smith and presidential c...

Nominee Gets a HandNominee Gets a Hand
July 14, 1981 | Newspaper clipping
Caption: "A White House aide cleared a path through cameramen for Supreme Court nominee Sandra Day O'Connor yesterday as she arrived in Washington, D.C., hoping to head off conservative opposition to her approval by the Senate . She will meet with St...

Ohman on O'Connor - Justice StatuesOhman on O'Connor - Justice Statues
July 14, 1981 | Political cartoon
Two statues of "Lady Justice" giving a thumbs up in front of the Supreme Court

Header photo: Various media clippings. Credit: Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Arizona Republic, New York Times, Time Magazine, "First" by Evan Thomas.