Arizona Senate Legislation

Arizona State Senate Bills Sponsored by Sandra Day O'Connor

29th Legislature, Second Regular Session (1970)

Representing district: 8-E

Committee assignments: State, County and Municipal Affairs (Vice Chairman), Highways and Transportation, Judiciary, Natural Resources, Rules

SCR 14On the death of the Honorable Sarah FolsomFeb 10, 1970
SR 1A resolution honoring Mrs. Louise E. Geare (co-sponsor with entire Senate)Feb 10, 1970
SR 2On the death of the Honorable Fred UdineFeb 24, 1970
SB 92Making an appropriation to the Arizona children's colony board for supplies and for staffing of Arizona children's colony mental retardation centerMar 11, 1970
SB 151Prescribing authority to encumber propertyApr 22, 1970
YesSB 201Removing restrictions on working hours for female employeesApr 22, 1970
SB 221Providing that attorney general may employ counsel for antitrust enforcementApr 27, 1970
SB 131Making an appropriation to the Arizona state school for the deaf and blind and authorizing expenditure from the bond retirement fund of the Arizona state school for the deaf and blindApr 28, 1970
YesSB 167Relating to administrative procedure; amending and adding definitionsApr 28, 1970
YesSB 256Requiring a mortgage foreclosure complaint to set forth with particularity the estate, interest or lien of the stateApr 29, 1970
SB 164Establishing the office of jury commissionerMay 1, 1970
SB 1Providing certain controls on the pollution of airMay 18, 1970
SB 174Prohibiting certain trespass upon the property of educational institutionsMay 18, 1970
YesSB 44Establishing the state department of mental retardationMay 18, 1970
SB 128Providing that application for title for motor vehicle state that the vehicle is equipped with approved emission control device
SB 147Prescribing weight of alcohol in blood for presumption of intoxication of operators
SB 225Providing for a water conservation and recreation development fund
YesSB 246Providing for the expenditure of public funds to share in the purchase of health and accident insurance
SB 42Providing for restrictions on the sale and distribution of pornographic literature to minors under eighteen years of age
SB 43Providing that counties may adopt by reference certain types of building codes for unincorporated areas
SB 95Making it unlawful for a minor to purchase, possess, transport, use, or have under his control in a motor vehicle any spirituous liquor or narcotic drug or dangerous drug or cannabis

30th Legislature, First Regular Session (1971)

Representing district: 20Leadership roles: Parliamentarian

Committee assignments: State, County and Municipal Affairs (Chairman), Appropriations, Judiciary, Rules, Legislative Council

YesSB 230Requiring the board of health to promulgate regulations pertaining to the volatility of gasolineFeb 24, 1970
SCR 2Requesting Congress to call a convention for the purpose of amending the United States constitution to provide for intergovernmental sharing of federal income tax revenue.Jan 29, 1971
SB 9Authorizing the joint legislative budget committee and the Arizona legislative council to accept and expend public and private gifts and grantsFeb 26, 1971
YesSB 89Expanding veterans' preferences for employment under merit or civil service systemMar 18, 1971
YesSB 195Prescribing the jurisdiction of the superintendent of public buildings maintenanceMar 26, 1971
SB 155Prescribing that minors may give consent to treatment of venereal disease and that consent of parents shall not be necessaryApr 2, 1971
YesSB 3Establishing reciprocity in enforcement of tax obligations, and amending title 42, chapter 1, Arizona Re­vised Statutes, by adding article 4, sections 42-151 to 42-153, inclusive.Apr 2, 1971
YesSB 49Adopting the uniform recognition of acknowledgments actApr 2, 1971
YesSB 124Correcting error in statute concerning administrative hearingsApr 9, 1971
YesSB 270Providing for a statewide solid waste management planApr 9, 1971
YesSB 50Providing that minor students shall have capacity to contract for educational loansApr 9, 1971
SB 7Permitting purchase of firearms by residents of this state in other states in conformance with the federal gun con­trol act of 1968, and amending title 13, chapter 3, article 7, Arizona Revised Statutes, by adding section 13-924.Apr 9, 1971
SB 297Authorizing automatic consent for certain minors for treatment for use of a dangerous drug or narcoticApr 9, 1971
YesSB 113Providing a program of child hearing evaluation services for school age childrenApr 16, 1971
YesSB 114Prescribing state and county responsibility for charges relating to mentally retarded childrenApr 16, 1971
YesSB 186Adopting the revised uniform enforcement of foreign judgments actApr 16, 1971
SCR 10Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Arizona amending the definition of public service corporation to include private sewage disposal corporations and cable television corporationsApr 16, 1971
SB 22Providing ten percent additional fine for drug violations for use in combating alcoholism and drug abuseMay 10, 1971
SB 321Prescribing limitations on certificates of educational convenienceMay 11, 1971
SB 87Requiring private sewer corporations to obtain certificates of convenience and necessityMay 11, 1971
SB 1Providing for the establishment of kindergartensMay 13, 1971
SB 152Prohibiting the desecration of the flagMay 17, 1971
SB 8Prescribing air pollution permit proceduresMay 17, 1971
SB 2Prescribing terms, appointment, number, powers and duties of grand juriesOct 22, 1971
YesSB 185Authorizing the state of Arizona and political subdivisions thereof to enter into agreements to submit disputes to arbitration
SB 21Providing for instruction relating to the nature and effects of alcohol, tobacco and narcotic and dangerous drugs on the human system
YesSB 229Prohibiting resisting of arrest by force or with a weapon
YesSB 231Providing an authorization for expenditure of public funds for health and accident insurance
YesSB 233Providing for restoration of civil rights after conviction in a federal court
YesSB 234Providing for identification of construction site on a state highway
YesSB 269Providing for regulation of child labor
SB 271Increasing the percentage of fees set apart for county law library fund
SB 286Exempting from taxation property of certain charitable clubs, organizations or societies
SB 296Prescribing the method of filling a vacancy for the office of supervisor
YesSB 37Providing that the state personnel commission may affirm, reverse or modify action of the employing agency
YesSB 51Prescribing qualifications for public employment
YesSB 52Prohibiting the multiple reading of a bill in the state legislature
SB 64Authorizing the department of education to prepare format of school district budgets
SB 66Providing for employment of examiners by board of cosmetology
YesSB 88Providing that beneficiaries of a public safety officer or an officer disabled or killed while on duty shall not have workmen's compensation payments deducted from retirement system benefits
YesSCR 6Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Arizona providing for the retirement of justices and judges of courts of record

30th Legislature, Second Regular Session (1972)

Representing district: 20

Committee assignments: State, County and Municipal Affairs (Chairman), Appropriations, Judiciary, Rules

SB 1107Providing for evaluation and treatment of persons impaired by alcoholismFeb 24, 1970
YesSB 1130Revising the adult probation officer systemMay 1, 1970
SB 1068Establishing a department of economic security to be administered by the directorApr 16, 1971
YesSB 1175Providing for the design and construction of bicycle and foot pathways by the state and its political subdivisionsApr 16, 1971
SCR 1008On the death of The Honorable Carl Hayden (co-sponsor with entire Senate)Jan 28, 1972
YesSB 1013Repealing the street poll tax and the municipal slaughterhouse lawFeb 17, 1972
SB 1001Requiring attorney general's approval for agency rulesMar 2, 1972
YesSB 1015Providing for annual filing and publication of administrative rules and regulationsApr 3, 1972
SB 1125Prescribing limitations on labor of childrenApr 6, 1972
YesSB 1286Prescribing procedures and penalties for regulation of consumer fraudApr 10, 1972
YesSB 1249Authorizing board of supervisors to adopt schedule of fees for licenses and permitsApr 25, 1972
SB 1315Entering into the interstate corrections compactApr 29, 1972
YesSB 1131Prescribing size of juries, degree of unanimity required and waiverMay 4, 1972
SB 1322Prescribing compensation for court commissionersMay 4, 1972
SB 1138Prescribing procedures for the nomination and appointment of state officers requiring consent of the SenateMay 8, 1972
SB 1267Prescribing penalty for theft of credit cardMay 8, 1972
SB 1235Providing for transportation of voluntary patients to state hospitalMay 9, 1972
YesSB 1248Providing for administration of the state sanatoriumMay 9, 1972
YesSB 1014Providing for regulating home solicitation and referral sales
SB 1028Making a supplemental appropriation to the Arizona water commission for use by cities, towns and counties for cloud seeding.
YesSB 1063Providing for payment of fines on installment basis
SB 1065Providing that county assessor shall notify property owner of annual valuation of property
SB 1087Revising laws relating to dentistry
YesSB 1104Relating to decedents' estates, guardianships, protective proceedings and trusts
SB 1141Prescribing exemptions from payment of property taxes for persons sixty-five years of age and older
SB 1173Prescribing conditions under which an "open end" offense is a misdemeanor
SB 1184Providing that county improvement districts are tax levying districts
YesSB 1191Prescribing qualifications of landscape architect
YesSB 1247Eliminating provisions of law providing for incorporated city or town to join county library system
SB 1268Prescribing definitions of theft, grand theft and petty theft
YesSB 1285Authorizing creation of joint offices of public defender by counties
YesSB 1321Prescribing changes in certain statutes relating to women's rights
SB 1327Prohibiting  contribution by labor organization to influence any election, and  amending section 16-471, Arizona Revised Statutes.
YesSCR 1015Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Arizona providing for county charters

31st Legislature, First Special Session (1973)

Representing district: 24

SCR 1001On the death of William R. Bourdon (co-sponsor with entire Senate)Feb 26, 1971
SR 1001On the death of Charles A. Awalt (co-sponsor with entire Senate)Oct 25, 1973

31st Legislature, First Regular Session (1973)

Representing district: 24Leadership roles: Majority Leader, Parliamentarian

Committee assignments: Rules (Vice Chairman), State, County and Municipal Affairs, Agriculture, Commerce & Labor, Judiciary, Legislative Council, Joint Legislative Budget, Joint Select Committee on Valuation and Taxation

HB 2002Relating to decedents' estates, guardianships, protective proceedings and trustsMay 9, 1972
SCR 1009On the death of President Lyndon B. Johnson (co-sponsor with entire Senate)Jan 29, 1973
SCR 1010On the death of President Harry S. Truman (co-sponsor with entire Senate)Jan 30, 1973
HB 2016Providing for option by employee to have higher percentage of compensation withheldApr 18, 1973
HCM 2004Urging the department of the interior to take immediate appropriate action with regard to property in the San Carlos mineral stripMay 2, 1973
SB 1012Providing workmen's compensation and occupational disease benefits for agricultural workersMay 8, 1973
SB 1007Providing for no-fault dissolution of marriageMay 14, 1973
HB 2078Providing for hiking and equestrian trails to be established and maintained by State Parks Board
SB 1055Providing for inspection of taxpayer reports and returns and the reports and records of the tax commission by the auditor general
SB 1058Prohibiting shooting or taking of game mammals under certain conditions
SB 1077Relating to public officers and employees; defining term "legal action"
SB 1090Granting income tax credit or reimbursement for property tax or rent to certain persons
SB 1166Prescribing marital property rights of spouses and rights of conveyance or abandonment of homesteads by spouses
SB 1167Providing for mental health evaluation, commitment and treatment of persons suffering mental disorders
SB 1190Providing family planning methods
SCR 1001Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Arizona proposing and providing for the retirement of justices and judges of courts of record
SCR 1023On the death of the Honorable Harold C. Giss (co-sponsor with entire Senate)

31st Legislature, Second Regular Session (1974)

Representing district: 24Leadership roles: Majority Leader, Parliamentarian

Committee assignments: Rules (Vice Chairman), Agriculture, Commerce and Labor, Judiciary, State, County and Municipal Affairs, Legislative Council, Joint Legislative Budget

Header photo: Arizona State Capitol. Credit: Gage Skidmore / Wikipedia - CC.