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Brian Cartwright

Brian Cartwright
Clerked during Supreme Court term: 1981
Previous clerkship: Judge Malcolm Richard Wilkey, United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit
Notable later role: General Counsel, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) (2006-2009)
Alma mater: Harvard Law School

Justice O'Connor wrote 36 opinions during Brian Cartwright's clerkship:

Enmund v. FloridaCriminal ProcedureJul 2, 1982Dissent
United States v. Valenzuela-BernalCriminal ProcedureJul 2, 1982Concurrence
New York v. FerberFirst AmendmentJul 2, 1982Concurrence
Mississippi Univ. for Women v. HoganCivil RightsJul 1, 1982Majority
Woolworth Co. v. Taxation DeptEconomic ActivityJun 29, 1982Dissent
General Bldg. Contractors Assn. Inc. v. PennsylvaniaCivil RightsJun 29, 1982Concurrence
Asarco Inc. v. Idaho State Tax Comm'nEconomic ActivityJun 29, 1982Dissent
Ford Motor Co. v. EEOCCivil RightsJun 28, 1982Majority
Toll v. MorenoCivil RightsJun 28, 1982Partial concurrence, partial dissent
Fidelity Fed. S. & L. v. De la CuestaFederalismJun 28, 1982Concurrence
Island Trees Sch. Dist. v. Pico by PicoFirst AmendmentJun 25, 1982Dissent
Jacksonville Bulk Terminals v. LongshoremenUnionsJun 24, 1982Concurrence
Globe Newspaper Co. v. Superior CtFirst AmendmentJun 23, 1982Concurrence
Edgar v. MITE CorpEconomic ActivityJun 23, 1982Concurrence
Taylor v. AlabamaCriminal ProcedureJun 23, 1982Dissent
Patsy v. Board of Regents of State of FloridaJudicial PowerJun 21, 1982Concurrence
California v. Grace Brethren ChurchJudicial PowerJun 18, 1982Majority
Hathorn v. LovornCivil RightsJun 15, 1982Majority
Zobel v. WilliamsCivil RightsJun 14, 1982Concurrence
Tibbs v. FloridaCriminal ProcedureJun 7, 1982Majority
FERC v. MississippiFederalismJun 1, 1982Partial concurrence, partial dissent
Inwood Laboratories v. Ives LaboratoriesEconomic ActivityJun 1, 1982Majority
FBI v. AbramsonPrivacyMay 24, 1982Dissent
Greene v. LindseyDue ProcessMay 17, 1982Dissent
Mills v. HabluetzelCivil RightsApr 5, 1982Concurrence
Engle v. IsaacCriminal ProcedureApr 5, 1982Majority
United States v. FradyCriminal ProcedureApr 5, 1982Majority
McElroy v. United StatesCriminal ProcedureMar 23, 1982Majority
Bread Political Action Comm'n v. FECFirst AmendmentMar 8, 1982Majority
Rose v. LundyCriminal ProcedureMar 3, 1982Majority
Smith v. PhillipsDue ProcessJan 25, 1982Concurrence
Eddings v. OklahomaCriminal ProcedureJan 19, 1982Concurrence
Charles D. Bonanno Linen Serv. Inc. v. NLRBUnionsJan 12, 1982Dissent
United States v. ClarkEconomic ActivityJan 12, 1982Majority
Boag v. MacDougallCriminal ProcedureJan 11, 1982Concurrence
Watt v. Energy Action Educ. FoundationEconomic ActivityDec 1, 1981Majority