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Christopher Cerf

Christopher Cerf
Clerked during Supreme Court term: 1985
Previous clerkship: Judge J. Skelly Wright, United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit
Notable later roles:
  • Commissioner of New Jersey Department of Education (2011-2014)
  • Superintendent of Newark Public Schools (2015-2018)
  • Deputy Chancellor of New York City Department of Education (2007-2009)
Alma mater: Columbia Law School

Justice O'Connor wrote 37 opinions during Christopher Cerf's clerkship:

CFTC v. SchorJudicial PowerJul 7, 1986Majority
Arcara v. Cloud Books IncFirst AmendmentJul 7, 1986Concurrence
Randall v. LoftsgaardenEconomic ActivityJul 2, 1986Majority
Sheet Metal Workers v. EEOCCivil RightsJul 2, 1986Partial concurrence, partial dissent
Firefighters v. City of ClevelandCivil RightsJul 2, 1986Concurrence
Davis v. BandemerCivil RightsJun 30, 1986Concurrence
Thornburg v. GinglesCivil RightsJun 30, 1986Concurrence
Ford v. WainwrightCriminal ProcedureJun 26, 1986Partial concurrence, partial dissent
Murray v. CarrierCriminal ProcedureJun 26, 1986Majority
Smith v. MurrayCriminal ProcedureJun 26, 1986Majority
Offshore Logistics Inc. v. TallentireEconomic ActivityJun 23, 1986Majority
Nantahala P. & L. v. ThornburgFederalismJun 17, 1986Majority
Atty. Gen. of N.Y. v. Soto-LopezCivil RightsJun 17, 1986Dissent
Lyng v. PayneDue ProcessJun 17, 1986Majority
Young v. Commun. Nutrition InstJudicial PowerJun 17, 1986Majority
Affiliated Tribes v. Wold EngineeringCivil RightsJun 16, 1986Majority
Thornburgh v. Amer. Coll. of ObstetriciansPrivacyJun 11, 1986Dissent
Bowen v. RoyFirst AmendmentJun 11, 1986Partial concurrence, partial dissent
Bowen v. American Hosp. Ass'nCivil RightsJun 9, 1986Dissent
Crane v. KentuckyCriminal ProcedureJun 9, 1986Majority
FDIC v. Philadelphia Gear CorpEconomic ActivityMay 27, 1986Majority
Wygant v. Jackson Bd. of EducCivil RightsMay 19, 1986Concurrence
Diamond v. CharlesJudicial PowerApr 30, 1986Concurrence
Batson v. KentuckyCivil RightsApr 30, 1986Concurrence
Philadelphia Newspapers v. HeppsFirst AmendmentApr 21, 1986Majority
Goldman v. WeinbergerFirst AmendmentMar 25, 1986Dissent
Pembaur v. City of CincinnatiCivil RightsMar 25, 1986Concurrence
Moran v. BurbineCriminal ProcedureMar 10, 1986Majority
Whitley v. AlbersCriminal ProcedureMar 4, 1986Majority
Connolly v. PBGCDue ProcessFeb 26, 1986Concurrence
New York v. ClassCriminal ProcedureFeb 25, 1986Majority
United States v. MechanikCriminal ProcedureFeb 25, 1986Concurrence
Witters v. Svcs. for the BlindFirst AmendmentJan 27, 1986Concurrence
Vasquez v. HilleryCivil RightsJan 14, 1986Concurrence
Heath v. AlabamaCriminal ProcedureDec 3, 1985Majority
Miller v. FentonCriminal ProcedureDec 3, 1985Majority
Lanier v. South CarolinaCriminal ProcedureNov 4, 1985Concurrence