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Eugene Volokh

Eugene Volokh
Clerked during Supreme Court term: 1993
Previous clerkship: Judge Alex Kozinski, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
Notable later roles:
  • Professor, UCLA School of Law
  • Co-founder, "The Volokh Conspiracy" blog
Alma mater: University of California at Los Angeles

Eugene Volokh is mentioned or appears in 1 entry in the O'Connor Institute archive:
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Justice O'Connor wrote 29 opinions during Eugene Volokh's clerkship:

McFarland v. ScottCriminal ProcedureJun 30, 1994Partial concurrence, partial dissent
Johnson v. De GrandyCivil RightsJun 30, 1994Concurrence
Holder v. HallCivil RightsJun 30, 1994Concurrence
Turner Broadcasting System Inc. v. FCCFirst AmendmentJun 27, 1994Partial concurrence, partial dissent
Board of Ed. of Kiryas Joel Village School Dist. v. GrumetFirst AmendmentJun 27, 1994Concurrence
Williamson v. United StatesCriminal ProcedureJun 27, 1994Majority
Davis v. United StatesCriminal ProcedureJun 24, 1994Majority
Director Office of Workers' Compensation Programs v. Greenwich CollieriesEconomic ActivityJun 20, 1994Majority
Barclays Bank PLC v. Franchise Tax Bd. of CalEconomic ActivityJun 20, 1994Partial concurrence, partial dissent
Simmons v. South CarolinaCriminal ProcedureJun 17, 1994Concurrence
Ibanez v. Florida Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation Bd. of AccountancyAttorneysJun 13, 1994Partial concurrence, partial dissent
City of Ladue v. GilleoFirst AmendmentJun 13, 1994Concurrence
United States v. CarltonFederal TaxationJun 13, 1994Concurrence
Romano v. OklahomaCriminal ProcedureJun 13, 1994Concurrence
Department of Revenue of Mont. v. Kurth RanchCriminal ProcedureJun 6, 1994Dissent
Waters v. ChurchillFirst AmendmentMay 31, 1994Majority
PUD No. 1 of Jefferson Cty. v. Washington Dept. of EcologyEconomic ActivityMay 31, 1994Majority
Beecham v. United StatesCriminal ProcedureMay 16, 1994Majority
C & A Carbone Inc. v. ClarkstownEconomic ActivityMay 16, 1994Concurrence
J. E. B. v. Alabama ex rel. T. BCivil RightsApr 18, 1994Concurrence
Ticor Title Ins. Co. v. BrownJudicial PowerApr 4, 1994Dissent
Victor v. NebraskaCriminal ProcedureMar 22, 1994Majority
Caspari v. BohlenCriminal ProcedureFeb 23, 1994Majority
Hagen v. UtahCivil RightsFeb 23, 1994Majority
Schiro v. FarleyCriminal ProcedureJan 19, 1994Majority
United States v. James Daniel Good Real PropertyDue ProcessDec 13, 1993Partial concurrence, partial dissent
INS v. Legalization Assistance Project of Los Angeles County Federation of LaborDue ProcessNov 26, 1993In chambers
Harris v. Forklift Systems IncCivil RightsNov 9, 1993Majority
Florence County School Dist. Four v. CarterCivil RightsNov 9, 1993Majority