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Supreme Court Clerks for Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

Joan I. Greco

Clerked during Supreme Court term: 1986
Previous clerkship: Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit
Notable later role: Program Director, The Conference Board
Alma mater: Harvard Law School

Justice O'Connor wrote 45 opinions during Joan I. Greco's clerkship:

Pennsylvania v. Valley Citizens' CouncilAttorneysJun 26, 1987Concurrence
United States v. StanleyEconomic ActivityJun 25, 1987Partial concurrence, partial dissent
Rivera v. MinnichDue ProcessJun 25, 1987Concurrence
S.F. Arts & Athletics Inc. v. USOCFirst AmendmentJun 25, 1987Partial concurrence, partial dissent
Corp. of Presiding Bishop v. AmosFirst AmendmentJun 24, 1987Concurrence
South Dakota v. DoleFederalismJun 23, 1987Dissent
Tyler Pipe v. Wash. Dept. of RevEconomic ActivityJun 23, 1987Concurrence
Amer. Trucking Assns. v. ScheinerEconomic ActivityJun 23, 1987Dissent
Puerto Rico v. BranstadCriminal ProcedureJun 23, 1987Concurrence
Agency Holding v. Malley-DuffCriminal ProcedureJun 22, 1987Majority
Tanner v. United StatesCriminal ProcedureJun 22, 1987Majority
Goodman v. Lukens Steel CoCivil RightsJun 19, 1987Partial concurrence, partial dissent
Airport Comm'rs v. Jews for JesusFirst AmendmentJun 15, 1987Majority
Perry v. ThomasFederalismJun 15, 1987Dissent
Miller v. FloridaCriminal ProcedureJun 9, 1987Majority
Board of Pardons v. AllenDue ProcessJun 9, 1987Dissent
California v. Superior CourtCriminal ProcedureJun 9, 1987Majority
Shearson/American Express v. McMahonEconomic ActivityJun 8, 1987Majority
Utah Div. of State Lands v. United StatesFederalismJun 8, 1987Majority
Bowen v. YuckertCivil RightsJun 8, 1987Concurrence
Turner v. SafleyFirst AmendmentJun 1, 1987Majority
Hodel v. IrvingDue ProcessMay 18, 1987Majority
Rose v. RoseFederalismMay 18, 1987Concurrence
United States v. General DynamicsFederal TaxationApr 22, 1987Dissent
Tison v. ArizonaCriminal ProcedureApr 21, 1987Majority
Pilot Life Ins. Co. v. DedeauxFederalismApr 6, 1987Majority
Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. v. TaylorFederalismApr 6, 1987Majority
Western Airlines, Inc. v. International Brotherhood of TeamstersFederalismApr 2, 1987In chambers
O'Connor v. OrtegaCriminal ProcedureMar 31, 1987Majority
Johnson v. Transportation AgencyCivil RightsMar 25, 1987Concurrence
Cal. Coastal Comm'n v. Granite Rock CoEconomic ActivityMar 24, 1987Majority
Town of Newton v. RumeryCivil RightsMar 9, 1987Concurrence
Illinois v. KrullCriminal ProcedureMar 9, 1987Dissent
Arizona v. HicksCriminal ProcedureMar 3, 1987Dissent
United States v. ParadiseCivil RightsFeb 25, 1987Dissent
City of Springfield v. KibbeCivil RightsFeb 25, 1987Dissent
Asahi Metal Industry Co. v. Superior CourtDue ProcessFeb 24, 1987Majority
Western Air Lines v. Bd. of EqualizationEconomic ActivityFeb 24, 1987Majority
California v. BrownCriminal ProcedureJan 27, 1987Concurrence
Wimberly v. Labor & Indus. Rel. Comm'nCivil RightsJan 21, 1987Majority
Wright v. Roanoke Redevelopment AuthJudicial PowerJan 14, 1987Dissent
324 Liquor Corp. v. DuffyEconomic ActivityJan 13, 1987Dissent
FEC v. Mass. Cit. for LifeFirst AmendmentDec 15, 1986Concurrence
N.C. DOT v. Crest St. Commun. CouncilAttorneysNov 4, 1986Majority
Hicks v. FeiockAttorneysOct 23, 1986In chambers