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Supreme Court Clerks for Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

Victoria L. Radd (Rollins)

Clerked during Supreme Court term: 1983
Previous clerkship: Judge J. Skelly Wright, United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit
Notable later roles:
  • Assistant to the President of the United States
  • Chief of Staff for White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles
  • Partner, Williams & Connolly LLP
Alma mater: Harvard Law School

Justice O'Connor wrote 38 opinions during Victoria L. Radd (Rollins)'s clerkship:

INS v. Lopez-MendozaCriminal ProcedureJul 5, 1984Majority
United States v. KaroCriminal ProcedureJul 3, 1984Concurrence
Hudson v. PalmerCriminal ProcedureJul 3, 1984Concurrence
Roberts v. United States JayceesFirst AmendmentJul 3, 1984Concurrence
Allen v. WrightJudicial PowerJul 3, 1984Majority
Brown v. Dept. of Law & Pub. SafetyFederalismJul 2, 1984Majority
Securities Indus. Assn. v. FRSEconomic ActivityJun 28, 1984Dissent
Thigpen v. RobertsCriminal ProcedureJun 27, 1984Dissent
Ruckelshaus v. Monsanto CoDue ProcessJun 26, 1984Partial concurrence, partial dissent
Tower v. GloverCivil RightsJun 25, 1984Majority
Sure-Tan Inc. v. NLRBCivil RightsJun 25, 1984Majority
Firefighters v. StottsCivil RightsJun 12, 1984Concurrence
New York v. QuarlesCriminal ProcedureJun 12, 1984Partial concurrence, partial dissent
California v. TrombettaDue ProcessJun 11, 1984Concurrence
ICC v. American Trucking Assns. IncEconomic ActivityJun 5, 1984Dissent
Colorado v. New MexicoInterstate RelationsJun 4, 1984Majority
Block v. Commun. Nutrition InstJudicial PowerJun 4, 1984Majority
Hawaii Housing Auth. v. MidkiffDue ProcessMay 30, 1984Majority
Arizona v. RumseyCriminal ProcedureMay 29, 1984Majority
Tate v. RoseCriminal ProcedureMay 19, 1984In chambers
Strickland v. WashingtonCivil RightsMay 14, 1984Majority
Justices of Boston Mun. Ct. v. LydonCriminal ProcedureApr 18, 1984Concurrence
TWA v. Franklin Mint CorpEconomic ActivityApr 17, 1984Majority
EEOC v. Shell Oil CoCivil RightsApr 2, 1984Partial concurrence, partial dissent
Jefferson Parish Hosp. Dist. v. HydeEconomic ActivityMar 27, 1984Concurrence
NLRB v. City Disposal Systems IncUnionsMar 21, 1984Dissent
Lynch v. DonnellyFirst AmendmentMar 5, 1984Concurrence
United States v. DoeCriminal ProcedureFeb 28, 1984Concurrence
Dixson v. United StatesEconomic ActivityFeb 22, 1984Dissent
South Carolina v. ReganJudicial PowerFeb 22, 1984Concurrence
Minn. Bd. Commun. for Colleges v. KnightFirst AmendmentFeb 21, 1984Majority
Flanagan v. United StatesJudicial PowerFeb 21, 1984Majority
Heckler v. BlankenshipJudicial PowerJan 26, 1984In chambers
McKaskle v. WigginsCriminal ProcedureJan 23, 1984Majority
Southland Corp. v. KeatingEconomic ActivityJan 23, 1984Dissent
Secretary of Interior v. CaliforniaEconomic ActivityJan 11, 1984Majority
INS v. PhinpathyaCivil RightsJan 10, 1984Majority
Commissioner v. EngleFederal TaxationJan 10, 1984Majority