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Justice Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas

Served: October 23, 1991 - Present (14 years, 3 months with Justice O'Connor)

Justice Thomas joined 132 of Justice O'Connor's Supreme Court opinions:

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Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood of Northern New EngPrivacyJan 17, 2006Majority
Lockhart v. United StatesJudicial PowerDec 7, 2005Majority
Schaffer v. WeastCivil RightsNov 14, 2005Majority
Kelo v. New LondonDue ProcessJun 23, 2005Dissent
Dodd v. United StatesCriminal ProcedureJun 20, 2005Majority
Bradshaw v. StumpfCriminal ProcedureJun 13, 2005Majority
Gonzales v. RaichFederalismJun 6, 2005Dissent
Lingle v. Chevron U. S. A. IncDue ProcessMay 23, 2005Majority
Rhines v. WeberCriminal ProcedureMar 30, 2005Majority
Smith v. City of JacksonCivil RightsMar 30, 2005Concurrence
Whitfield v. United StatesCriminal ProcedureJan 11, 2005Majority
Norfolk Southern R. Co. v. James N. Kirby Pty LtdEconomic ActivityNov 9, 2004Majority
Missouri v. SeibertCriminal ProcedureJun 28, 2004Dissent
Nelson v. CampbellCivil RightsMay 24, 2004Majority
Dretke v. HaleyCriminal ProcedureMay 3, 2004Majority
South Fla. Water Management Dist. v. Miccosukee TribeEconomic ActivityMar 23, 2004Majority
Fellers v. United StatesCriminal ProcedureJan 26, 2004Majority
SEC v. EdwardsEconomic ActivityJan 13, 2004Majority
Georgia v. AshcroftCivil RightsJun 26, 2003Majority
Grutter v. BollingerCivil RightsJun 23, 2003Majority
Demore v. KimCivil RightsApr 29, 2003Concurrence
Franchise Tax Bd. of Cal. v. HyattInterstate RelationsApr 23, 2003Majority
Branch v. SmithCivil RightsMar 31, 2003Partial concurrence, partial dissent
Cuyahoga Falls v. Buckeye Community Hope FoundationCivil RightsMar 25, 2003Majority
Lockyer v. AndradeCriminal ProcedureMar 5, 2003Majority
Yellow Transp. Inc. v. MichiganEconomic ActivityNov 5, 2002Majority
BE&K Constr. Co. v. NLRBUnionsJun 24, 2002Majority
Los Angeles v. Alameda Books IncFirst AmendmentMay 13, 2002Majority
Thompson v. Western States Medical CenterFirst AmendmentApr 29, 2002Majority
Raygor v. Regents of Univ. of MinnJudicial PowerFeb 27, 2002Majority
Toyota Motor Mfg. Ky. Inc. v. WilliamsCivil RightsJan 8, 2002Majority
Postal Service v. GregoryJudicial PowerNov 13, 2001Majority
Lorillard Tobacco Co. v. ReillyFederalismJun 28, 2001Majority
Duncan v. WalkerCriminal ProcedureJun 18, 2001Majority
Kansas v. ColoradoInterstate RelationsJun 11, 2001Partial concurrence, partial dissent
Daniels v. United StatesCriminal ProcedureApr 25, 2001Majority
Lackawanna County District Attorney v. CossCriminal ProcedureApr 25, 2001Majority
Lewis v. Lewis & Clark Marine IncEconomic ActivityFeb 21, 2001Majority
Miller v. FrenchCriminal ProcedureJun 19, 2000Majority
Reeves v. Sanderson Plumbing Products IncCivil RightsJun 12, 2000Majority
Public Lands Council v. BabbittEconomic ActivityMay 15, 2000Concurrence
Norfolk Southern Railway. Co. v. ShanklinFederalismApr 17, 2000Majority
FDA v. Brown & Williamson Tobacco CorpEconomic ActivityMar 21, 2000Majority
Roe v. Flores-OrtegaCriminal ProcedureFeb 23, 2000Majority
Kimel v. Florida Bd. of RegentsFederalismJan 11, 2000Majority
Kolstad v. American Dental AssnCivil RightsJun 22, 1999Majority
Murphy v. United Parcel Service IncCivil RightsJun 22, 1999Majority
Sutton v. United Air Lines IncCivil RightsJun 22, 1999Majority
Martin v. HadixAttorneysJun 21, 1999Majority
O'Sullivan v. BoerckelCriminal ProcedureJun 7, 1999Majority

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