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Justice Harry Blackmun

Harry Blackmun

Served: May 14, 1970 - August 3, 1994 (12 years, 10 months with Justice O'Connor)

Justice Blackmun joined 147 of Justice O'Connor's Supreme Court opinions:

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Williamson v. United StatesCriminal ProcedureJun 27, 1994Majority
PUD No. 1 of Jefferson Cty. v. Washington Dept. of EcologyEconomic ActivityMay 31, 1994Majority
Beecham v. United StatesCriminal ProcedureMay 16, 1994Majority
Victor v. NebraskaCriminal ProcedureMar 22, 1994Majority
Caspari v. BohlenCriminal ProcedureFeb 23, 1994Majority
Harris v. Forklift Systems IncCivil RightsNov 9, 1993Majority
Florence County School Dist. Four v. CarterCivil RightsNov 9, 1993Majority
Johnson v. TexasCriminal ProcedureJun 24, 1993Dissent
Northeastern Fla. Chapter Associated Gen. Contractors of America v. JacksonvilleJudicial PowerJun 14, 1993Dissent
Smith v. United StatesCriminal ProcedureJun 1, 1993Majority
Department of Justice v. LandanoPrivacyMay 24, 1993Majority
Oklahoma Tax Comm'n v. Sac and Fox NationCivil RightsMay 17, 1993Majority
United States v. CaliforniaJudicial PowerApr 26, 1993Majority
Nebraska v. WyomingInterstate RelationsApr 20, 1993Majority
Hazen Paper Co. v. BigginsCivil RightsApr 20, 1993Majority
Voinovich v. QuilterCivil RightsMar 2, 1993Majority
Zafiro v. United StatesCriminal ProcedureJan 25, 1993Majority
Bray v. Alexandria Women's Health ClinicCivil RightsJan 13, 1993Dissent
Richmond v. LewisCriminal ProcedureDec 1, 1992Majority
Franklin v. MassachusettsJudicial PowerJun 26, 1992Majority
Wright v. WestCriminal ProcedureJun 19, 1992Concurrence
Allied-Signal Inc. v. Director Div. of TaxationEconomic ActivityJun 14, 1992Dissent
Wyatt v. ColeCivil RightsMay 18, 1992Majority
Riggins v. NevadaCriminal ProcedureMay 18, 1992Majority
Keeney v. Tamayo-ReyesCriminal ProcedureMay 4, 1992Dissent
United States v. R. L. CCivil RightsMar 24, 1992Dissent
Williams v. United StatesCriminal ProcedureMar 9, 1992Majority
General Motors Corp. v. RomeinEconomic ActivityMar 9, 1992Majority
Connecticut Nat. Bank v. GermainJudicial PowerMar 9, 1992Concurrence
Smith v. BarryJudicial PowerJan 14, 1992Majority
Hafer v. MeloCivil RightsNov 5, 1991Majority
Melkonyan v. SullivanJudicial PowerJun 10, 1991Majority
Touby v. United StatesCriminal ProcedureMay 20, 1991Majority
Business Guides v. Chromatic CommunJudicial PowerFeb 26, 1991Majority
McDermott Int'l Inc. v. WilanderEconomic ActivityFeb 19, 1991Majority
Parker v. DuggerCriminal ProcedureJan 22, 1991Majority
Ingersoll-Rand Co. v. McClendonFederalismDec 3, 1990Majority
FMC Corp. v. HollidayFederalismNov 27, 1990Majority
Miles v. Apex Marine CorpEconomic ActivityNov 6, 1990Majority
Maryland v. CraigCriminal ProcedureJun 27, 1990Majority
Cooter & Gell v. HartmarxJudicial PowerJun 11, 1990Majority
Board of Educ. v. MergensFirst AmendmentJun 4, 1990Majority
California v. FERCFederalismMay 21, 1990Majority
Davis v. United StatesFederal TaxationMay 21, 1990Majority
United States v. Ojeda RiosCriminal ProcedureApr 30, 1990Concurrence
Port Authority v. FeeneyEconomic ActivityApr 30, 1990Majority
Stewart v. AbendEconomic ActivityApr 24, 1990Majority
Employment Div. v. SmithFirst AmendmentApr 17, 1990Concurrence
Carden v. Arkoma AssocsJudicial PowerFeb 27, 1990Dissent
Baltimore City DSS v. BouknightCriminal ProcedureFeb 20, 1990Majority

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