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Chief Justice Warren Burger

Warren Burger

Served: June 23, 1969 - September 26, 1986 (5 years with Justice O'Connor)

Chief Justice from June 23, 1969 through the remainder of his term.

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Justice Burger joined 90 of Justice O'Connor's Supreme Court opinions:

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CFTC v. SchorJudicial PowerJul 7, 1986Majority
Randall v. LoftsgaardenEconomic ActivityJul 2, 1986Majority
Thornburg v. GinglesCivil RightsJun 30, 1986Concurrence
Davis v. BandemerCivil RightsJun 30, 1986Concurrence
Smith v. MurrayCriminal ProcedureJun 26, 1986Majority
Murray v. CarrierCriminal ProcedureJun 26, 1986Majority
Offshore Logistics Inc. v. TallentireEconomic ActivityJun 23, 1986Majority
Lyng v. PayneDue ProcessJun 17, 1986Majority
Young v. Commun. Nutrition InstJudicial PowerJun 17, 1986Majority
Nantahala P. & L. v. ThornburgFederalismJun 17, 1986Majority
Affiliated Tribes v. Wold EngineeringCivil RightsJun 16, 1986Majority
Crane v. KentuckyCriminal ProcedureJun 9, 1986Majority
FDIC v. Philadelphia Gear CorpEconomic ActivityMay 27, 1986Majority
Diamond v. CharlesJudicial PowerApr 30, 1986Concurrence
Moran v. BurbineCriminal ProcedureMar 10, 1986Majority
Whitley v. AlbersCriminal ProcedureMar 4, 1986Majority
New York v. ClassCriminal ProcedureFeb 25, 1986Majority
Heath v. AlabamaCriminal ProcedureDec 3, 1985Majority
Miller v. FentonCriminal ProcedureDec 3, 1985Majority
Cornelius v. NAACP Leg. Def. FundFirst AmendmentJul 2, 1985Majority
Thomas v. Union CarbideEconomic ActivityJul 1, 1985Majority
United States v. AlbertiniFirst AmendmentJun 24, 1985Majority
Brockett v. Spokane Arcades IncFirst AmendmentJun 19, 1985Concurrence
Mitchell v. ForsythEconomic ActivityJun 19, 1985Concurrence
Maryland v. MaconCriminal ProcedureJun 17, 1985Majority
Superintendent v. HillDue ProcessJun 17, 1985Majority
Richardson-Merrell Inc. v. KollerJudicial PowerJun 17, 1985Majority
Zauderer v. Office of Disc. CounselAttorneysMay 28, 1985Partial concurrence, partial dissent
Black v. RomanoDue ProcessMay 20, 1985Majority
Harper & Row v. Nation EnterprisesEconomic ActivityMay 20, 1985Majority
Tennessee v. GarnerCriminal ProcedureMar 27, 1985Dissent
Bennett v. Kentucky DOEFederalismMar 19, 1985Majority
Bennett v. New JerseyFederalismMar 19, 1985Majority
Oregon v. ElstadCriminal ProcedureMar 4, 1985Majority
Air France v. SaksEconomic ActivityMar 4, 1985Majority
United States v. JohnsCriminal ProcedureJan 21, 1985Majority
United States v. HensleyCriminal ProcedureJan 8, 1985Majority
Park N' Fly Inc. v. Dollar Park and Fly IncEconomic ActivityJan 8, 1985Majority
Paulsen v. CommissionerFederal TaxationJan 8, 1985Dissent
INS v. Lopez-MendozaCriminal ProcedureJul 5, 1984Majority
Allen v. WrightJudicial PowerJul 3, 1984Majority
Brown v. Dept. of Law & Pub. SafetyFederalismJul 2, 1984Majority
Tower v. GloverCivil RightsJun 25, 1984Majority
Sure-Tan Inc. v. NLRBCivil RightsJun 25, 1984Majority
Block v. Commun. Nutrition InstJudicial PowerJun 4, 1984Majority
Colorado v. New MexicoInterstate RelationsJun 4, 1984Majority
Hawaii Housing Auth. v. MidkiffDue ProcessMay 30, 1984Majority
Arizona v. RumseyCriminal ProcedureMay 29, 1984Majority
Strickland v. WashingtonCivil RightsMay 14, 1984Majority
TWA v. Franklin Mint CorpEconomic ActivityApr 17, 1984Majority

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