SB 1322 | 30th Legislature, Second Regular Session (1972)

An Act prescribing compensation for court commissioners

Role of Senator O'Connor: Co-sponsor

Signed into law: May 4, 1972

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Senate Bill 1322 AN ACT


Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona:

Section 1. Section 12-213, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended to read:

12-213. Commissioners in certain counties; appointment; powers and duties; salary

  1. In counties having three or more superior court judges, the presiding judge may appoint court commissioners to serve at his pleasure who shall have such powers and duties as shall be provided by rule of the supreme court, save and except such commissioners are expressly prohibited, except in default hearings, from making any ex parte orders which would deprive any person or persons from custody of their child or children, or change of counsel of attorneys, or deprive any person of their liberty, or deprive any person or entity from their property or the use thereof, or any injunctive relief.

  2. Commissioners appointed under subsection A of this section shall receive an annual salary SET BY THE PRESIDING JUDGE WHICH MAY not exceed [sixteen thousand dollars] EIGHTY PERCENT OF THE SALARY OF A JUDGE OF THE SUPERIOR COURT. [as shall be fixed by the presiding judge, which] THE COMMISSIONER'S SALARY shall be a county charge. [No one shall be] AN appointed commissioner [who is not] SHALL BE a duly licensed member of the state bar of Arizona and [has] SHALL HAVE engaged in active general practice of the law for a period of not less than three years next preceding his appointment.

Approved by the Governor - May 4, 1972

Filed in the Office of the Secretary of State - May 4, 1972

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