SR 1 | 29th Legislature, Second Regular Session (1970)

A resolution honoring Mrs. Louise E. Geare (co-sponsor with entire Senate)

Role of Senator O'Connor: Co-sponsor

Signed into law: February 10, 1970

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Introduced by The Arizona State Senate



On May 31, 1969 a long, interesting and in many ways quite col­orful period of service to the State was brought to a close for Mrs. Louise E. Geare when she retired from her position as Minute Clerk for the Arizona State Senate.

As a prelude to and the beginning of her many years of State service, Mrs. Geare had two unique honors bestowed upon her while a young girl. The first was when she was chosen to carry the American flag in the famed parade led by Governor George W. P. Hunt from downtown Phoenix to the State Capitol on the day Arizona became a State, and the second was when she became the first, and only, Senate Page in the First State Legislature.

In 1915, she again served as a Senate Page in the Second State Legislature. This was followed by employment with the State Tax Commission, the Secretary of State and the State Auditor until 1920 when she left State government to become a wife, and the mother of seven children.

Louise Geare's work with the Senate was resumed in 1953 when she became the Minute Clerk, the position she held with pride and dignity until her retirement.


Be it resolved by the Senate of the State of Arizona:

  1. That the Members of this Body do recognize the many years of devoted service given the Arizona State Senate by Mrs. Louise E. Geare during the First and Second State Legislatures in 1913 and 1915, and from 1953 until May 31, 1969, when she deemed it ad­visable to retire.

  2. That the Members do express their sincere appreciation to Mrs. Geare for her willingness to remain at her post the many extra hours necessary in her position as Minute Clerk.

  3. That the Members do extend to this gracious lady their wishes for her continued good health and the hope that she will enjoy to the fullest extent the many trips she has planned for visiting her chil­dren and grandchildren.

Adopted by the Senate-February 10, 1970

Approved by the Governor-February 10, 1970

Header photo: Arizona State Capitol. Credit: Gage Skidmore / Wikipedia - CC.