SR 2 | 29th Legislature, Second Regular Session (1970)

A Resolution on the death of the Honorable Fred Udine

Role of Senator O'Connor: Co-sponsor

Signed into law: February 24, 1970

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On the thirtieth day of October, 1969, at the age of sixty-three, the Honorable Fred Udine passed away in the city of Flagstaff.

Senator Udine was born in Redlands, California, and came to Arizona in 1912. For many years before World War II, he served as manager of a Pay'n Takit store, and later its successor, Safeway. He was the first president of the Safeway Employees Association. He served with distinction in the armed forces from 1942 to 1946, and after his return managed Babbit Brothers stores at Grand Canyon and Williams.

The Honorable Fred Udine first entered the political field in 1950 when he was elected to the office of Mayor of Williams, and in 1954 left the city council to seek a seat in the State Senate.

Senator Fred Udine served with distinction in the Twenty-second, Twenty-third, Twenty-fourth, Twenty-fifth, Twenty-sixth and Twenty­ seventh Legislatures. During his long tenure, he served on many Standing Committees and was Chairman of the Fish and Game Committee through six Legislatures, Chairman of the Committee of Military and Veterans Affairs through three Legislatures and further served as Chairman of the Committee of Finance and Revenue.


Be it resolved by the Senate of the State of Arizona:

That the Members of the Senate sincerely regret the passing of the Honorable Fred Udine, and do, therefore, extend condolences to the surviving members of his family.

Adopted by the Senate-February 6, 1970

Approved by the Governor-February 6, 1970

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