By Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

Speech at National First Ladies' Library awards dinner

March 16, 1999

Speech at National First Ladies' Library awards dinner
Type: Speech
Location: National First Ladies' Library awards dinner

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Sandra Day O'Connor [automatically transcribed, may contain inaccuracies]
Mrs. Clinton, Secretary Albright, Mary Regula, Wendelyn Brooks Elizabeth Campbell, Shirley Chisholm, thank all of you for this wonderful honor and this very delightful evening. Although I was the first woman to serve on the US Supreme Court, the credit goes not to me, but to the thousands of women before 1981, who demonstrated that women can do a good job in any field of endeavor. And all those women who spoke out forcefully in seeking equal opportunities for women in the workplace in my lifetime, not just in yours, Elizabeth Campbell, but in my lifetime, too. We've seen extraordinary improvement and opportunities for women. These changes have been good for women, and they've been good for our country. Congratulations, Mary, on the establishment of the First Lady's Library. Americans admire their first ladies so much, and all of us will welcome this institution dedicated to preserving the record of their achievements. Thanks for making this such a special evening.