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Supreme Court of the United States

1982 Term

October 4, 1982 - October 3, 1983

Sandra Day O'Connor, Associate Justice

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Clerks: Stewart J. Schwab, Mary Kathleen Smalley, Jane F. Vehko (Fahey), Gary L. Francione

Justice O'Connor wrote 35 opinions during this term:

Arizona Governing Comm. v. NorrisCivil RightsJul 6, 1983Concurrence
California v. RamosCriminal ProcedureJul 6, 1983Majority
Michigan v. LongCriminal ProcedureJul 6, 1983Majority
Guardians Assn. v. Civil Svc. Comm'nCivil RightsJul 1, 1983Concurrence
Rice v. RehnerCivil RightsJul 1, 1983Majority
Idaho v. EvansInterstate RelationsJun 23, 1983Dissent
Brown v. ThomsonCivil RightsJun 22, 1983Concurrence
Mennonite Bd. of Missions v. AdamsDue ProcessJun 22, 1983Dissent
United States v. PlaceCriminal ProcedureJun 20, 1983Majority
FNC Bank v. Banco Para el ComercioMiscellaneousJun 17, 1983Majority
Simopoulos v. VirginiaPrivacyJun 15, 1983Concurrence
Akron v. Akron Ctr. for Reprod. HealthPrivacyJun 15, 1983Dissent
Planned Parenthood Assn. v. AshcroftPrivacyJun 15, 1983Partial concurrence, partial dissent
Philko Aviation Inc. v. ShacketFederalismJun 15, 1983Concurrence
DelCostello v. TeamstersUnionsJun 8, 1983Dissent
Baltimore G. & E. Co. v. NRDCEconomic ActivityJun 6, 1983Majority
Bell v. New JerseyFederalismMay 31, 1983Majority
Bearden v. GeorgiaCivil RightsMay 24, 1983Majority
United States v. $8,850 in CurrencyCriminal ProcedureMay 23, 1983Majority
Block v. Board of School LandsFederalismMay 2, 1983Dissent
Kolender v. LawsonDue ProcessMay 2, 1983Majority
Commissioner v. TuftsFederal TaxationMay 2, 1983Concurrence
Volkswagenwerk A. G. v. FalzonFederal TaxationApr 29, 1983In chambers
Smith v. WadeCivil RightsApr 20, 1983Dissent
Bowsher v. Merck & Co. IncJudicial PowerApr 19, 1983Majority
Minneapolis Star v. Minnesota Comm'rFirst AmendmentMar 29, 1983Majority
Hillsboro Nat'l Bank v. CommissionerFederal TaxationMar 7, 1983Majority
North Dakota v. United StatesFederalismMar 7, 1983Partial concurrence, partial dissent
Jefferson Cty. Pharm. Ass'n v. Abbott LabsEconomic ActivityFeb 23, 1983Dissent
South Dakota v. NevilleCriminal ProcedureFeb 22, 1983Majority
Shepard v. NLRBUnionsJan 18, 1983Dissent
Director OWCP v. Perini North River AssocsEconomic ActivityJan 11, 1983Majority
Colorado v. New MexicoInterstate RelationsDec 13, 1982Concurrence
Brown v. Socialist Workers CommFirst AmendmentDec 8, 1982Partial concurrence, partial dissent
Landon v. PlasenciaDue ProcessNov 15, 1982Majority

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